Homosexuality And Teen Suicide Was Used To Diversify America

AIDS created a lot of homophobia in the 1980s. All of a sudden it was 1990 and this was on TV...

And Seinfeld came out. And Beverly Hills 90210. Then rap music went mainstream and black men were considered very heterosexual.

Before there was a Justin Bieber boys that looked more or less like him fit in 100%. Blond and redhead kids attracted more attention. Boys that went to school with Asians were conditioned to believe they were all the same and became anti-racist or gay positive because they were moral.

If you were a minority in 1987 it would be difficult for you to make friends with a guy that looks like Bieber. Boys that looked like him who had A averages and came from wealthier families fit in wherever they went and were popular.

At my high school almost all of the blacks were in remedial. Pretty women do well when they're unlearning racism through Holocaust studies because its the men who are Nazis. South Asian guys sat in classes with blond women and average looking guys studying the faces of European peasants from the 1940s and became victims of Nazi oppression.

There was a special emphasis on how the Germans knew that the Holocaust was happening and did nothing to stop it. Boys that fit in knew they had nothing to compensate for and therefore wouldn't go all Hannibal Lector on Jews.

The story of WW2 is about a race of inbred people called Germans who were mixed with the Jews and tried to purify themselves through terrible acts until the pure bred anti-racist British stepped in and stopped it.

In the 1990s it wasn't common knowledge that Winston Churchill had red hair and that many of the Jews who died of typhus and starvation because of the hellfire he rained down upon Germany were also ginger.

After alienating better-looking boys with dark hair and freckles guys who fit in, fat guys, and South Asians realized that the better-looking redhead guy was gay and wanted to trade places with them because they fit in or that the redhead was gay for the best looking blond guy. There was a lot of ranting and raging. Fat guys and first-generation immigrants had little interaction with good-looking blond boys or pretty girls in elementary school

When boys in grade 2 who don't fit in are made fun of by girls they run crying to their pretty blond teacher. By high school they sat in classes with pretty blond girls and wanted the sympathy of the girls who had made fun of them when they were kids. Girls like skinny perfect looking blond boys in grade 2. They didn't realize that they had been the original bullies and cut a lot of guys too much slack. Meanwhile boys that looked like Mathew Shepard could get girlfriends in junior high school; Now with average looking guys suddenly getting moral and realizing that they had black friends because they had watched the Cosby showing growing up, blond boys were envied and alienated. The girls, having liked thin blond guys previously now saw them as vain and arrogant. If a guy that looked like Jian Ghomeshi ranted and raged about a redheaded guy, girls would pay it forward by tolerating a fat South Asian guy who, himself had been ranting about a skinny guy with brown hair and freckles.

On a subconscious level people thought that the boys who had freckles had been racists when they were 10 when they, in fact, interacted a lot more with minorities.

As all of this was going on people in the 1990s and 2005 didn't realize how quickly they'd become minorities. As people watched Beverly Hills 90210 many of the guys in high school making it to university were so average looking that the redheads and boys with dark hair who went crazy or killed themselves were better looking than the average teen.

With the help of Steven Spielberg's movies kids picked on unattractive South Asian girls and payed it forward by letting South Asian guys get away with anything: There were guys at my high school who looked more or less like Jian Ghomeshi who's stand in the hallway making out with girls in grade 9 (Since high school went on for 5 years in Ontario the age difference between the guy and the girls was 4 to 5 years).

People stopped having kids when, 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show,' was on TV. It was a series about a women in her 30s who was single and had a career. So if you went to a poorer or middle class school people had fewer siblings making this kind of harassment possible.

Kids in LGBT meetings today have no idea what went on at their school over the past 30 years.

And white people in the 1980s paid their taxes for this.

Naheed Nenshi is currently the popular gay-positive mayor of Calgary. He was in high school in 1989. He had a 95% average. Did he get where he is today by being moral or was it because nobody was attracted to him when he was in school? While Nenshi, himself, believes he is truly gay positive there were many people that looked like him at the University of Waterloo in 1989. What was the gay scene there at the time?

The suicide rate for black teens went up 50%. The media and school boards did a heck of a lot to give blacks POC allies.

And somehow, after all of the homophobia created by AIDS, America was flooded with immigrants from the third world and quickly got gay positive.

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